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Making progress

Jaco van den Bergh • August 9, 2021

rc-landy 3d-printing

This is post #3 on this project, here's a list of them all.

I've now printed about 11 of the required 29 build plates full of parts. The photos speak for themselves, so I won't waste your time with too much text this time round.

Chassis parts done

Chassis parts assembled

Servo installed

First body parts printed

First body parts attached to chassis

Rear fenders and tail lights done

I went back to my now favorite hobby shop, and picked up 4 tyres and a Fly Sky FS-GT2B transmitter and receiver.

Very happy with the tyres, as they have the same look as the BFGoodrich's I have on my lifesize Landy, but for a very reasonable price.

Rear fenders and tail lights done

I'm now waiting on the first prints for the gearbox to finish. Using eSun PLA+ for the gears, and hoping it will be strong enough, as well as not melt from the heat of the motor.

Gears and gearbox body