Building a workbench for my home office cover image

Building a workbench for my home office

Jaco van den Bergh • November 9, 2021

My 3D printed Land Rover project has hit a roadblock; I need to reprint the gearbox in something stronger and more suited for high temperatures.

But I haven't gotten round to sourcing that, so my hobby/electronics table in my home office has been in the below state for about a month.

'Twas a mess

So instead of getting the right filament and finishing the project, I decided it would be a good time to build a proper electronic workbench. To be fair, I got the idea from a Geekpub video and I convinced myself I needed a proper workbench to continue any type of work on the Landy. I purchased the plans, and then started to look around for materials locally. I had to adjust the size of the workbench to fit in the space I had available, and updated the cutting list accordingly.

I used the following:

I also purchased a shiny new mitre saw, a Metabo KGS 254

Metabo KGS 254

I got Chamberlains to cut the shutterply into the required board sizes for the top, and the rest of the cuts were where the Metabo came in.


Starting to put the frame together

I couldn't assemble the workbench outside, as it would not fit through the door in one piece. So we carried the pieces into the house, to paint and put together.

Two coats of Color-Cote

Painting done, starting the assembly

For lighting I mounted a PioLed T8 light under the bottom shelf.

Chaos restored, but neater

So much more room for activities now.

Now just waiting for my laboratory stool from Karo, and a project mat from Takealot.